Travel with Stoomreizen

Stoomreizen is a serious game developed by a group of students, called The Machinists, from the HKU. They developed an adventure game where the game player will go on an adventure by traveling with Grandpa Willem through the different worlds of Het Spoorwegmuseum, a real Railway Museum. By playing the game, you can build your own train and experience the different worlds of Het Spoorwegmuseum. You will go on a journey through different countries with winding rivers and mountains. People will also travel with your train and it will be your job to make the journey interesting for them. Go back in time and experience the era of the steam trains!


Het Spoorwegmuseum wanted this game to be developed, because they realised that they would get a bigger audience when visitors are playing and experiencing the game. People can play it on the internet, but they need to have a marker and a webcam to fully experience the game. They hope the game will help attract more visitors to go to Het Spoorwegmuseum.

I have worked on this project as a project manager. I coordinated the process of the game and made several playtests possible for my team. I also researched the copyright situation and led several meetings with my team and the client. I also established a budget and made sure that my team could do their job without having any problems.

You can see the results using the following link: